I'm enjoying the exchange with the person who doesn't get the difference between selflessness and reciprocity, or why being able to say what you do and don't like and will or won't participate in isn't necessarily selfish, or really much of anything at all. » 3/28/15 6:02pm Yesterday 6:02pm

This is just painful. My sense of humor is as evil as the next Gawkerite's, but I can't really laugh at this. Not meant as criticism of anyone else, mind you, it's just there are several people I love who aren't around any more behind behavior not very different from this. I hope he gets help, and I hope he can get… » 3/16/15 12:58am 3/16/15 12:58am

So, in your view, it's not reasonable just not to like the movies, and say so? It has to be portrayed as some sort of drum-whacking, whatever that's supposed to mean, as opposed to the kind of difference of opinion on works of art that people pretty much always have? If you like the movies, great. Other people… » 3/15/15 10:46pm 3/15/15 10:46pm

It's easy to think that, and sure, if the sound person had been paying attention, they would have caught that, but as a shoot is wrapping up, people are getting equipment put away, etc., and it's entirely possible both that nobody was monitoring the board to notice that audio was being recorded, and nobody thought… » 3/15/15 10:17pm 3/15/15 10:17pm

One night in the late summer of 1984 I was puttering around my kitchen in East Cambridge, MA, having dropped a hit of some acid with which a pal in the Chemistry Department of the fine educational institution at which I worked at the time had kindly presented me. I had no particular plan for the evening, just the… » 3/15/15 6:41pm 3/15/15 6:41pm

Bless you. I don't know exactly what that means, really; it's something I wish toward people who have made some great, selfless effort, as you have, to better the lives of others: that they be blessed, in whatever way they would wish. Parenting is always a challenge, but you took on some of the most challenging… » 3/15/15 12:21am 3/15/15 12:21am

I'm not sure exactly why — possibly warmth, possibly possessiveness, possibly some combination of the two — but my two old cats have recently decided that the coziest place to sleep is on top of me. I live in a studio apartment, with no inner doors that shut securely, so I have simply had to develop the ability to… » 3/14/15 9:57pm 3/14/15 9:57pm

I can't watch this. I can't handle the vicarious humiliation. For years, probably a decade at least, and in spite of having won three times, I was still beating myself up over having lost the fourth game.* I just feel so awful for anyone who loses badly. » 3/13/15 1:56am 3/13/15 1:56am

Did you really read the whole piece? Because either there were paragraphs added later (always possible, this is Gawker) or you seem to have missed the part where the only people who claim the girls were violent are the Harrises, and that the family with whom they're currently living deny this completely, as does… » 3/12/15 2:35am 3/12/15 2:35am

This is the worst kind of pseudo-apology. This is not, "I am genuinely sorry for the harm that I know perfectly well that I caused by making you feel unsafe." This is, "I'm such a narcissistic creep that I think it's your duty to 'understand' me, rather than mine not to continue creeping you out. Oh, and I also… » 3/11/15 10:57pm 3/11/15 10:57pm